Consumers have difficulty relating to twig-like models that are the face of so many brands. Asos, one of the largest e-retailers in Europe, has challenged the status quo and revolutionized online fashion by displaying images of their garments worn by models of different sizes.

By showcasing their latest collection worn by three different models, Asos is helping women get a better feel for what the clothes would look like when worn. The announcement was well received on social networks.

Asos is not the first e-retailer to showcase models of different sizes on their website. Amazon already shoots its intimate collections on multiples models. Adore Me, an online American lingerie brand does the same thing for some of their items. At a time when consumers are increasingly demanding, this approach is promising, but it still presents some challenges for fashion e-retailers.

From now on, will shoot the majority of their new collections on three body types. This small visual revolution has several benefits:

  • It allows customers to have a better feeling for the garments
  • They can now present a more exhaustive product sheet with 9 visuals on 3 differently sized models
  • Fashion becomes more accessible as it is worn by models who resemble their customers
  • Improved conversion rates

Being able to display each garment visually on three different models with traditional photo shooting involves important challenges since shooting each item in three sizes implies:

  • Having three sizes of each garment for the photo shoot
  • Having three models of different sizes available at anytime
  • Longer visual production delays
  • Tripled production costs
  • A potential longer time-to-site

Asos perfectly addresses customers’ expectations by offering an innovative new way of e-shopping. However, this method is costly and difficultly scalable. The brand has anticipated this and has already mentioned a virtual fitting room «We’re always testing new technology that can make our customers’ experience even better. We’re experimenting with AR to show products on different size models, so customers can get a better sense of how something might fit their body shape».

If Asos joins the ranks of Amazon and Adore Me by offering garment visuals on three differently sized models, other e-retailers will have no choice but to follow along. For this revolution to be able to scale, augmented reality and virtualization will be a major asset to answer customers’ requests to see garments on models with different body shapes. The era of the standard size will come to an end and make way for visual segmentation thanks to virtualization.

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