Demonstrate Diversity & Inclusivity

Diversity and size inclusivity has become a C-level issue for fashion brands and retailers. Expensive damage is the price of failure to meet customer, industry, media or society’s expectations. But it is impossible for traditional photography to deliver a fully diverse, fully size-inclusive image set for each garment.
Allure’s solution enables the easy, cost-effective production of diverse and size-inclusive images. This enables brands and retailers to comply with customer’s expectations in the most visible, unarguable way possible: on e-commerce websites.

Increase Conversion Rate

Customers increasingly expect that brands and retailers should incorporate diversity and inclusivity. But model diversity and inclusivity can also drive a conversion rate uplift of 29%* by helping shoppers relate to what they’re seeing.
Allure Systems enables retailers and brands to easily build “show a model like me” personalization into their online visual experience. Personalize on the basis of ethnicity, size, or even other factors such as hair colour, facial expressions, etc.

*Source: IRCE Report

Reduce Returns

Apparel retail is plagued by return rates as high as 50%. Most returns are due to poor fit or to the clothing item not looking as expected on the shopper*.
Images on models with different body types can decrease return rates significantly by addressing the ‘not looking as expected’ or fit issue in due time.

*Source: Universität Regensburg

Localize Images For International Sales

Local consumers expect visual content relevant to them. Diverse images may be vital to selling successfully in different international territories.
Allure Systems’ large, diverse model library, both male and female, helps international brands to localize their online experience appropriately.

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