Easy Studio Scalability

Traditional photography is scalable only through the addition of personnel and additional studios. But even that alternative brings with it new issues around image quality and consistency.
Allure’s solutions offer limitless scalability. Install multiple, identical Allure studios in any number of locations, with global image quality and consistency always assured.

High Studio Productivity

Using traditional photo shoots for apparel product page images is labour-intensive, time-intensive and logistically difficult. The consequently low rate of image production inevitably results in merchandise being sold with an inadequately small set of images per garment.

Allure’s solution is designed for e-commerce. This enables the rapid creation of large image sets for each clothing item, yet requires only two stylists to operate at maximum throughput.

Short Time-to-Site For New Items

Allure Systems helps you reduce time-to-site for new products:

  • shoot whenever you like; there’s no need to wait until the next scheduled shoot
  • locate your Allure studio (or multiple studios) in expedient locations, such as your major distribution hubs or within manufacturing facilities
  • the post-processing is automated: visuals are ready to use within just a few hours

Consistent Visual Quality

Traditionally shot images suffer from variable quality or consistency. This is particularly true when they are created in different studios by different teams. Framing is particularly vulnerable to variation, requiring time-consuming and costly intervention for every image.
Any number of Allure Systems studios may be installed anywhere in the world. They are easily set up identically to produce on-brand images of absolutely consistent quality, consistency and framing.

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