Producing on-brand visuals

Your brand is unique. And, naturally, it is vital reflect this at every interface with your customers – including catalog images. This identity is composed of several elements:

  • specific models (build, faces, ethnicity, body sizes)
  • specific environment (lighting, background)
  • specific expressions (poses, faces, angles)
  • specific framing

Allure Systems allows each customer to create a unique style guide, allowing them to make sure every visual produced by an Allure studio is on-brand and will remain so everyday, for any shooting.

Achieving size inclusivity

Showing more, more relevant images to an online shopper helps drive engagement, which in turn improves a shopper’s propensity to convert.  This is particularly true in respect of size-inclusive images – yet most brands persist in shooting images with small-sized models. However, in the USA 68% of women wear size 14 or above, meaning most shoppers are unable to relate personally to the images typically displayed.  But traditional product page garment photographic methods are simply far too inefficient and expensive to yield a size-inclusive image set for every garment.

Our large library of virtualized, size-diverse models, both male and female, enables the easy, cost-effective production of near limitless product page garment images, meeting the needs of any positive size inclusivity strategy, bringing both commercial and brand perception benefits.

Delivering image diversity for different territories

Typically the world’s biggest brands are, by definition, global.  However selling with maximum success internationally relies on product page garment images shot with models that resonate with local consumers.  However this is an expensive undertaking even for luxury brands, with the added complexity of achieving global consistency of images.

Allure Systems’ large library of virtualized, ethnically diverse models, both male and female, means that a brand needs to conduct only a single garment shoot to enable the generation of near limitless, fully diverse images, meeting the needs of brands selling anywhere in the world.

Need your own models?

Efficient production of consistent, high-quality images for third parties

To retain the necessary control of the brand’s portrayal, brands usually take responsibility for providing product page garment images to third parties that promote and/or sell their merchandise.  Such third parties include marketplaces and other distributors, whether multi-brand retailers such as Nordstrom or Dillard’s, or pure-play operators such as Zalando or Amazon.

Allure Systems enables the cost-effective production of images for third parties, ensuring all images used by them are consistent and high-quality.

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