In addition to the immediate benefits of creating product page garment images with an Allure Systems solution, all assets created are fully compatible with the immersive experiences that future-thinking brands and retailers are developing or already operating.

For example: because each image is actually just one view of a virtualized asset, it is possible to rotate that asset in 3D.

Responding To The Changing Customer

Ultimately, buyer expectations drive marketplace change: it is the ultimate incentive for sellers in any market where the buyer has, effectively limitless choice.  Evolving fashion consumer expectations have driven many fashion retail changes, and continue to do so. To thrive, fashion sellers – brands or retailers – need to respond.

Fashion E-Commerce: Driven By Imagery

GAFA, BAT and technology manufacturers have already launched a myriad of initiatives that create new visual marketing opportunities, helping to identify those opportunities and the risks associated with them.

And future-focused brands and retailers have identified that 2D photography no longer suffices:

  • the latest smartphones are augmented reality-enabled – and consumers expect experiences that use such capabilities
  • smart home assistants have AI embedded, learning clients’ fashion style and morphology from the selfies they take.  It will be possible to virtually try-on either items from Amazon’s collection or that have been photographed by Amazon
  • Alibaba operates Buy+, a dedicated augmented reality shop where clients shop in 3D

New, immersive experiences are here to stay.  It’s only a matter of time and determining what form your experience will take.

Allure Systems – Every Stage Ready

In reality, brands and retailers are likely to follow a pathway to these new immersive experiences, not least because the technology for some applications either does not exist yet or is insufficiently powerful.

Allure Systems advocates a four-stage pathway.  The assets created using our solutions are compatible with solutions (existing or still in development) for every stage.

Delivering image diversity for different territories

Typically the world’s biggest brands are, by definition, global.  However selling with maximum success internationally relies on product page garment images shot with models that resonate with local consumers.  However this is an expensive undertaking even for luxury brands, with the added complexity of achieving global consistency of images.

Allure Systems’ large library of virtualized, ethnically diverse models, both male and female, means that a brand needs to conduct only a single garment shoot to enable the generation of near limitless, fully diverse images, meeting the needs of brands selling anywhere in the world.

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Efficient production of consistent, high-quality images for third parties

To retain the necessary control of the brand’s portrayal, brands usually take responsibility for providing product page garment images to third parties that promote and/or sell their merchandise.  Such third parties include marketplaces and other distributors, whether multi-brand retailers such as Nordstrom or Dillard’s, or pure-play operators such as Zalando or Amazon.

Allure Systems enables the cost-effective production of images for third parties, ensuring all images used by them are consistent and high-quality.

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