Increasing Studio Productivity

Brands and retailers that accept the high costs and low consistency associated with using traditional photographic processes for product page garment images implicitly accept two more cold, hard facts: that there is a ceiling to their studio productivity, and that the ceiling is disappointingly low.   The outcome is that – despite the obvious importance of visually engaging shoppers – many sellers still attempt to showcase their apparel with too few images of their merchandise.

The throughput of an Allure Systems studio is typically twice that of a traditional studio, yet requires only two stylists to operate at maximum throughput. Additional capacity is achieved by simply adding duplicate Allure Systems studios wherever necessary, ensuring limitless scalability.

Quicker Time-To-Market For New Items

All traditionally-taken photographs require labour-intensive post-processing and review, delaying time-to-site.  Our composite images are processed in just a few hours, reducing the time-to-site by days or even weeks. The sooner an item is available on-site and ready to buy, the better.

Reducing Costs

In an age of advanced image technology, it is clearly wasteful to dedicate expensive, traditional photographic resources on creating the standardized images characteristic of product pages.

An Allure Systems solution enables you to reduce overall costs significantly.  Labour costs in particular are slashed, by eliminating the requirement for models and hair, makeup, photographic and post-processing skills.  Using virtualized models from Allure’s library also slashes image rights costs: you are accorded the permanent right to use images created using our virtualized model library.

In fact, combined with high throughput, Allure Systems totally rewrites your cost-per-image calculations, opening up multiple new possibilities including:

  • creating larger image sets in order to implement personalization strategies such as “show a model like me”
  • simply showing additional images from different angles, for similar overall costs
  • cost-effectively demonstrating your commitment to diversity and inclusivity for all to see, on your ecommerce site

Drive E-commerce Metrics

Online apparel shoppers are more likely to convert when they relate to the models wearing the garments. In fact, model diversity and inclusivity can drive a conversion rate uplift of 29%.  Despite this, many retailers persist with uniform, small-sized models for product photography, while in the USA 68% of women wear size 14 clothes or bigger. This all but guarantees that the online experience for the overwhelming majority of shoppers is unengaging: at best, their experience is impersonal – at worst, irrelevant.

Apparel retail also ensures high return rates, of which 67% are due to ‘poor fit’.  Yet ‘poor fit’ also encompasses ‘garment not looking as expected’ on the shopper. This is unsurprising if the only images available on-site are of a size 2 model, but the majority of shoppers is significantly more diverse.  

Traditional photographic techniques are too expensive and slow to allow retailers to take any more than the bare minimum number of images: one model, front and back view, is common.  

Allure Systems solutions enable retailers to build personalization into their online experience through diversity and size-inclusivity in their product page garment images.  This increases shopper engagement and conversion rates, and can also decrease return rates significantly by preventing a proportion of ‘not looking as expected’ returns.

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