Increase Studio Productivity

Using traditional photography, there is a ceiling to studio productivity, and that ceiling is disappointingly low.  The outcome is that many retailers attempt to sell apparel using too few images, despite the obvious importance of more relevant content.

The throughput of an Allure Systems studio is typically twice that of a traditional studio, yet requires only two stylists to operate at maximum throughput. Acquire additional capacity simply by adding duplicate Allure Systems studios wherever necessary.

Reduce Time-To-Market For New Items

All traditionally-taken photographs require post-processing and review, delaying time-to-site.  Our composite images are processed in just a few hours, reducing the time-to-site by days or even weeks. The sooner an item is available on-site and ready to buy, the better.

Drive E-commerce Metrics

The increased relevance that comes with model diversity and inclusivity can drive a conversion rate uplift of 29% in apparel retail.  Apparel retail also ensures high return rates, of which most are due to poor fit or to the clothing item not looking as expected on the shopper*.

Build greater relevance into your shoppers’ online experiences through diversity and size-inclusivity in your product page garment images.  Such ‘lookalike’ or ‘see it in my size’ personalization can also decrease return rates significantly, preventing a proportion of ‘not looking as expected’ returns.

Source: Universität Regensburg

Reduce Your Cost Per Visual

With the advent of Allure’s solution, it is wasteful to continue dedicating expensive, traditional photographic resources on creating product page garment images.

Allure Systems enables you to reduce your cost-per-visual by:

  • eliminating the requirement for models and hair, makeup, photographic and post-processing skills
  • slashing image rights costs: you retain permanent rights to use images created using our virtualized model library

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