Allure Systems creates stunning on-figure garment images for all categories of clothing brands and retailers

Our proprietary technology is so sophisticated that it even works perfectly for ‘difficult’ garments such as lace or sheer fabrics. This means that our solution works as well for highly detailed lingerie as it does for simple t-shirts.

 Each image is indistinguishable from a single, traditionally-shot photograph, yet in fact is a beautiful composite of a virtualized model and a garment photograph, created using our advanced computer vision technology. Human quality control is employed to check the final image, identifying and eliminating any possible rendering errors.


We install an on-premises Allure studio for you

We install your new studio or studios. Ideally, this will be in a location your garments usually pass through such as a fulfillment area, maximizing garment availability and minimizing transportation garments.


You choose:
your models, or ours?

Allure has continuously growing portfolio of virtualized models. It comprises fully diverse, fully inclusive, male and female models. You choose which models, with which facial expression, you want to ‘wear’ any given garment. We can also virtualize your favorite models. Do you need or want unique models?


We provide a range
of mannequins

As part of your studio we supply a set of our mannequins, whose measurements match precisely the models you chose. These high-precision mannequins come in a variety of different poses and morphologies to show off your garments at their best. Do you need unique poses or morphology?


You shoot your
own garments

Once upon a time, a full photo shoot was needed to create your product page images. Now, only a stylist is required – or two, to maximize studio throughput. Your stylist chooses the mannequin, dresses it quickly in the garment, and clicks a mouse to shoot the garment from angles you choose.


You choose the images you want

Shooting from multiple angles and using the whole range of virtualized models/expressions available ensures ‘real-world’ variety in the final images. You choose whatever combination of garments/diversity/inclusivity/poses/expressions meets your needs.


Our software post-processes the images

The next stage of the process is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The garment images you take are processed on Allure’s servers, where our software combines each photograph with your chosen virtualized model to produce a stunning composite image: your selected model/pose/expression, wearing your garment.


You add the final images to your PIM…

The processing time for an Allure Systems composite image is just a few hours, which can reduce your time-to-site by days. Each final image, with all appropriate tags and information, is delivered back to your Product Information Management system via API.


…or use them anywhere

Use your new image sets – diverse, inclusive, or simply from more angles – in your online store or anywhere else across your organisation.

Your benefits

Increase flexibility
and productivity
Requiring only stylists, the throughput of an Allure Systems studio is dramatically higher than traditional shoots. Shoot whenever garment samples are available, or whenever you want.
Our composite images are processed in just a few hours, reducing the time-to-site by, perhaps, days. The sooner an item is available on-site and ready to buy, the better.
traditional resources
With technology delivering great product photography, traditional photographic resources may be dedicated to creating more, better, hero photography.
Most of a virtual
fitting room function
Show your items on different-sized models to illustrate the look on different-sized people.
Consistent image
Allure Systems studios solution delivers the image consistency your teams want, from the angles they like, with the framing specified, very quickly and all at the click of a mouse.
Deploy multiple studios worldwide, wherever suits you. Brand consistency is guaranteed, even with different teams shooting in multiple locations.

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