Your benefits

Increase flexibility
and productivity
Requiring only stylists, the throughput of an Allure Systems studio is dramatically higher than traditional shoots. Shoot whenever garment samples are available, or whenever you want.
Our composite images are processed in just a few hours, reducing the time-to-site by, perhaps, days. The sooner an item is available on-site and ready to buy, the better.
traditional resources
With technology delivering great product photography, traditional photographic resources may be dedicated to creating more, better, hero photography.
Most of a virtual
fitting room function
Show your items on different-sized models to illustrate the look on different-sized people.
Consistent image
Allure Systems studios solution delivers the image consistency your teams want, from the angles they like, with the framing specified, very quickly and all at the click of a mouse.
Deploy multiple studios worldwide, wherever suits you. Brand consistency is guaranteed, even with different teams shooting in multiple locations.


Be 3D/augmented

Each final image is a composite of a virtualized model and a garment photograph, and is indistinguishable from a single, traditionally-shot image.


Attain global
consistency and quality

Now any of your models can ‘wear’ any of your clothes, but no longer need to attend a photo shoot. In fact, only stylists and garments are required to create new product images, transforming productivity and rewriting your cost-per-image calculations.


Enhance and personalize
customer experiences

The processing time for any Allure Systems composite image is just a few hours, reducing the time-to-site by, potentially, days.


Reduce product
photography costs

Deploy multiple Allure Systems studios anywhere in the world you choose, linked to the same Product Information Management system.

Create unlimited, globally consistent, high-quality, on-brand images, anytime, anywhere.

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