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5 Most common problems you may have to face on your electric skateboards

Believe it or not, sooner or later, your electric skateboard will break. It's like humans, getting old and die. You can apply some tips to prolong the life of your e-board such as doing regular maintenance or regular upgrades. You should listen to your electric board, it will tell you what problems are happening and you are gonna know exactly what you need to do. I will show you how to listen to them and find out the issues here in this post. Stay tuned!

Board keep making squeaky noise

Why does it happen? Your board may have loose screws and trunks. You need to make sure all parts are tightened.

Speed wobbles

The cause of speed wobbles is that the trucks are too loose. Wheels will deflect and cause speed wobbles. So, tighten your trucks before riding is good advice.

The battery won’t charge

This happens sometimes to my two-year-old powered board. Your battery is getting old, and the internal components also start to degrade. This, try to recharge your battery some times, if it doesn’t give any response, you need to either replace it or bring it to the repair shop to see how you are gonna deal with this.

Clicking bearings

Maybe your bearings are dry and you need to re-lube them. Relubricating bearings should be done regularly. Bearings won't last long if they're often kept too dry, be aware of this. Too tight axle nut also leads to clicking bearings, check it, too.

Loud braking sound

This problem occurs more often with belt-driven electric skateboards. You must adjust the belt tension accordingly. For this task you need to have some tools to help you, the steps can be found in the guidebook provided by the manufacturer.

Alright, so these are the 5 most common problems that will happen on your electric skateboard some days. Preparing for them in advance is better. Good luck to you and have fun with your ride! By the way, if you need to read about electric skateboards, let’s browse through eSkateBuddy!

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