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MEDIA ARTS & DESIGN with a concentration in GRAPHIC DESIGN

Mt. Sierra College graduates will be prepared to tackle complex design challenges using a wide variety of software, hardware and proven design applications. Students will programming homework help learn how to create a distinctive “look” for promotional, print, graphic designs, brochures, logos, packaging, illustrations, billboards and advertisements. From idea conception to delivery of the finished product, students create materials that effectively promote products and services.

Using the latest techniques in motion design, students will learn to develop title sequences for film and television, movie trailers, television graphics and network identifiers. Students will develop an ability to tell a story with words, images and motion, and will learn to effectively communicate a concept. Hardware, special effects software, animation techniques and a creative flair all become one in the world of Visual Effects and Digital Video.

People once called them games. Now we call them training for pilots and soldiers, learning tools for children, and totally-blow-your-mind-graphics. What was once a pay for essay cottage industry is now an $11 billion market that desperately needs programmers and designers. With the hands-on education Mt. Sierra College offers, students become skilled professionals. They develop the ability to bring a game from concept to storyboard to a market-viable product, melding sound, visual effects, story, animation lighting and user interfaces. Careers in Game

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