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Start producing your images on-demand,

with a plan adapted to your images needs.

Best for trying



Best way to test how

your item look on a virtualized model from our portfolio.


Get started for free.

 Send us an item,

we will send you back images of this item on a virtualized model from our portfolio.


Best for trying

1 item

4 images


12 models 

Our location

Great for small volume


Whenever you need images

rent our studio by the hour.

Start shooting immediately 

with our virtualized models,

women and men of

 different sizes and ethnicities.

You can shoot any of your items:

Ready-to-wear, Intimate, Jewelry


Great for small volume

Up to 400 items

Multiple images


12 models 

Our location

Ideal for Brands and Retailers


Create unlimited images for your online store without models or photographers

needed on site.

Use Creative AI

with Allure Systems Studio 

at your location.


Ideal for Brands and Retailers

Unlimited volume

Unlimited images


Your models

Your location

Your creative settings

All the virtualized models are available and ready 24/7:

Only your stylist is necessary for the shooting.

Your images on-demand

Test, rent our studio or install it at your location

15% higher conversion rate

230% faster than traditional shooting

325% higher click-through-rate

Our customers love


Step 1 

We virtualize your model

Step 1.png

Step 2 

Your stylist dresses up a mannequin

Step 2.png

Step 3 

Your images are ready

Step 3.png

See your items on virtualized models

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